I’ve Got a Diagnosis for Butterball

I don’t talk much about this, mostly because I know I can be neurotic, but Butterball’s speaking isn’t where I’d like it to be. Almost daily (on Twitter), I see other moms of toddlers talking about what their kids are saying. And my first thought is “aww.” My second thought is usually “Nate doesn’t say anything close to that.”

Then I spend the next few minutes (okay hours) trying to convince myself that Nate is okay. 

Physically, this child is so advanced. He runs and jumps like a 3 year old. He’s great with this hands too.

And I know he’s smart. The things he’s figured out are proof that he’s a bright little boy.

But why won’t he talk like other toddlers??????

Then yesterday happened. And BAM – I suddenly understood.

You see, yesterday we were outside playing. Nate was turning every branch he found into a hobby horse. He pointed out all the birds and butterflies. He picked up trash and threw it away. You know, a typical day outside for us. 

Then he ran up to me and said “I got rock.” And without thinking I replied “Yes, you have a rock.”

WAIT A MINUTE. I know for a fact I’ve only told him the word “rock” once, and that was several weeks ago. (Yes, I’m that prissy mom. I’ve gone out of my way to keep him away from rocks and all things dirty.) 

When I try to teach him useful words – colors, letters, numbers, clothing – he looks at me like I have an extra head.

But when I mention a word in passing, he internalizes it. 

I get it – my 2.5 year old has Selective Learning. 

Makes me wonder what other words he’s picked and just hasn’t had the opportunity to use…

Does your toddler have this condition? 


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  1. She used to be a quiet toddler but after she turned 2 it’s been nonstop talking.

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