Hagrid for Congress

I’m  here in DC this week for New Media Bootcamp at the New Organizing Institute. Woot woot!!!


My team is working on a project – Hagrid for Congress. Please sign up and support him.



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What’s the Difference Between Cultural Exchange and Cultural Appropriation?

November 4, 2013 Leave a comment


I came across this post in all the ridiculousness surrounding this year’s inappropriate racial Halloween costumes.

Originally posted on Unsettling America:

Courtesy of Elephant Journal(Related: “Cultural Appreciation or Cultural Appropriation?” and “Wanting To Be Indian“)

Jarune Uwujaren explains that there needs to be some element of mutual understanding, equality, and respect for it to be a true exchange.

From The Good Men Project

Cultural appropriation is a term that isn’t often heard in daily conversation, which means it’s inevitably misunderstood by those who feel attacked by feminists, sociologically-informed bloggers, and others who use the term.

Many a white person sporting dreadlocks or a bindi online has taken cultural appropriation to mean the policing of what white people can or can’t wear and enjoy.

Having considered their fashion choices a form of personal expression, some may feel unfairly targeted for simply dressing and acting in a way that feels comfortable for them.

The same can be said for those who find criticisms of the Harlem Shake meme and whatever it is Miley Cyrus did…

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Activism Starts Early

November 2, 2012 Leave a comment


Some of y’all may remember I took Butterball to the Planned Parenthood rally on Capitol Hill last year. I really want to instill activism in my son.

So now that I actually (finally!) work in politics, he goes to events with me. He rode in his stroller in the Pride Parade. Then he marched the entire way with the Democratic Party in a local Homecoming Parade.

And now he’s featured in a blog. Click here and scroll to the bottom to see his picture :)

HAVE YOU VOTED YET??????????????

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Happy Birthday

September 18, 2012 1 comment

My baby is THREE. Yikes!!!!

Happy birthday to the light of my life. My raison d’etre. My heart and soul. By boo bear.

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The Ultimate Betrayal?

September 17, 2012 Leave a comment

Have you ever had an opinion about someone that you knew to be true, but just needed that extra piece of proof to make you feel okay with that opinion? Well I’ve been feeling that way and finally got that proof last night.

This is about Mike. (No that’s not his real name.)

I went out with Mike in January.  We met online on POF. We had an instant connection and quickly moved through the modes of contact. (Email on the site –> private email –> phone/text –> actual date) Our date was great.  But then he vanished, and his explanation for said disappearing act didn’t make any sense. So I moved on.

A month later, he came back to me with a few business opportunities. Being a single mom, I’m always interested in legit work-from-home opportunities. And at first things went great.

And then things didn’t go great. In the end, the business venture never even took flight, and I was out about $1200.

Through that experience, he showed me who he was. I fell for his “Church” talk, thinking he was a good person because so much of what we worked on was for his church.  I now know that was his cover.

Let’s fast-forward to last night. I was on FB chatting with my friend Megan. She’d been trying to find info on a guy she’s going to go out with, but was striking out. Well last night she finally found dirt on him. And the dirt was good. He was exactly who he said he was.

I’m not sure why, but something in my gut told me to Google Mike. I’m fairly certain I Googled him back in January, but this Mommy Brain thing is REAL; my memory is gone.

So I Googled him. And the THIRD result was a SEX OFFENDER page. And his photo. I was shocked!!!!!

At 29, this man was a teacher at a vocational school having sex with a student who was under 17. Disgusting!

And after a few minutes, things that had confused me started to make sense. No wonder he said business things were going to have to go through my name. No wonder he couldn’t rent an apartment for me.

But the scariest thing – when I used a different search engine to look him up, his conviction and mug shot were nowhere in my search results. (But this fact also makes me think I really did Google him earlier.)

You know, I’m not sure when the appropriate time to tell someone “Oh, I’m a convicted sex offender,” but I feel like that time came and went with Mike.

My head is still spinning.

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This made me giggle :)

Originally posted on I Have the Floor:

The growing list – according to Republicans and Republican-leaning media – of things white Presidents and their first ladies can do, but black ones can’t:

  1. Deliver State of the Union without being heckled
  2. Complete Rose Garden remarks without interruption
  3. Call for a joint session of Congress (the NERVE!)
  4. Take a vacation (LAZY!)
  5. Play golf (ELITIST!)
  6. Play basketball (GHETTO!)
  7. Attend Harvard (QUOTA!)
  8. Have a birthday party (must instead be called “hip hop barbecue”)
  9. Invite other black people to White House (THUGS!)
  10. Speak to school children
  11. Appoint judges
  12. Serve without providing long-form birth certificate to douchebag rich guy and racist Sheriff
  13. Serve without providing SAT scores (see #7)
  14. Lawfully use executive authority when Congress refuses to act
  15. Issue orders as Commander-in-Chief of the military
  16. Take a single scintilla of credit for killing the world’s biggest terrorist
  17. Run for re-election
  18. Raise funds for said run
  19. Go on late night TV
  20. Encourage healthy eating

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Love, love, love this!

Originally posted on trying to be good:

I just finished babysitting your baby today.


I have salmon stuck on my neck and in the crease under my left breast.

My eardrum is damaged due to high frequency screaming.

I had to hold her while I was peeing because from her perspective it seemed like Satan himself would rape and kill her slowly if I put her down thus I did not get the chance to wipe myself properly…


…no matter though as I am covered in a thick layer of sweat from pushing the stroller up the hill so a bit more wet between the legs even things out.

I washed my hair this morning but all of a sudden it looks like a stringy bag of shit pile.


I haven’t had a chance to eat anything except snatching a few cold peas from her snack pack and my head is pounding.

I watched her draw on…

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