To-Do Lists

So, I saw on another page a list called 101 in 1001.  That’s 101 tasks in 1001 days.  For those of you who don’t know me, this is right up my alley!  You see, I lie to myself all the time, so the only way to keep goal and accountability is to put a goal in writing with a definite due date.

So, today I’ll start compiling my list. It must be completed by the end of the month so that I can start the journey of crossing things off my list February 1st.  Yay!

Physical Health:

1. Lose 10lbs.

2. Lose 20lbs.

3. Lose 30lbs.

4. Lose 40lbs.

5. Run a mile

6. Run a 5k race

Fiscal Health:

7.  Get 3 month cushion in savings account

8. Start Nate’s college fund


9. Breastfeed Nate until his 1st birthday

10.  Cook dinner at least 5 days a week for a month

11. Prepare Nate’s food from scratch daily for a month


12. Get back to London

13. Take a cruise


14. Compete at the US Open

15. Compete at SwingDiego

16. Compete at Boogie by the Bay

to be continued…..

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