Oh Chicago

I never updated this site when we moved to Chicago — oops!

I’m going to be better about updating this site with more of the ridiculousness that is our life. Like this:

You know those cute, precocious kids on sitcoms? You know, the ones with the kid witty come-backs to everything?

Nate has become one of them. But I’m thankful he still believes in the Guardians (Tooth Fairy, Santa, Easter Bunny, Sandman). Tooth Fairy came for a visit last night, left the dollar, but couldn’t find his tooth under the pillow. When I woke him up this morning, we found the tooth under his chest.

Nate’s first question: how did the Tooth Fairy leave me a dollar if she didn’t take my tooth?

Me: Well she woke me up, and I confirmed you lost a tooth. Then I had to open your mouth and show her the hole. That’s the only reason she left you a dollar.

Nate: Oh, ok.

Me: Now give me your tooth.

Nate: Why? The Tooth Fairy is already gone.

Me: Well I told her to meet me at work and I’d give her your tooth.

Nate: The Tooth Fairy is going to your work? How?

Me: Well there’s a window in the bathroom. I’ll meet her there.

(At school pick-up) Nate: Did you see the Tooth Fairy?

Me: Yes. We met as planned.

Nate: Where’s my dollar?

Me: What do you mean? She gave you a dollar last night.

Nate: Well I thought she’d give me another one when she got my tooth.

Me: ……..(speechless)


I’m really enjoying 7.



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