Nate’s Second Birthday Pictures

As I said in an earlier post, I don’t believe in big parties for little children. When he can name his friends, I’ll throw him a party. Until then, the party is really for the adults. And that’s fine. But since most of my adult friends don’t live here, there was really no point in throwing a party.

Instead, I got together with a mom friend and her 2 kids for brunch. Why? Nate loves eggs 🙂

Since he’s obsessed with Dora, loves the “Backpack” song, and goes bananas each time he sees a dog, I got him a dog backpack.

I baked a cake. I found the recipe on Pinterest. Click HERE for the recipe. It’s super easy and delicious. In fact, it’s my new ‘go-to’ cake recipe.

Oh, and I had to get my little guy a balloon. He love baboons.



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  1. Happy Birthday little handsome Nate!

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