Birthday Presents for Toddlers?

So I’m thinking Thursdays will be “Thoughtful.” That is to say, what I’m thinking hard/struggling with.

Nate has the audacity to turn 2 in 10 days. That means a party. And presents. Right?


No party – I’ll start throwing a party when he can name his friends. Until that time, the party is really more for the adults. And since my friends are scattered across the country, there’s really no point. This decision was easy.

Presents? Hmmmm…again, what’s the real point at this age? He doesn’t understand the significance of the day, so philosophically I am against getting him a big, special gift. But that seems like a very mean decision.

With this in mind, I’m getting him a small, useful gift. He’s getting a backpack. Cute, right?

So, am I off base on this? When did y’all start buying your kids big gifts? When did you start planning big parties?



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  1. I’m like you. I refuse to have a big party for Pookah until he can name friends. As for gifts, I let the grandparents get him something big, and I only buy educational toys.

  2. Happy 2nd birthday little man!! WOW! The only reason my 2nd child got a 2 year bday party is because he saw his sister get a party LOL But when my oldest was turning 2, she got a party with family only. I made a (very ugly, but tried) cake and grandparents bought her gifts. No, she didn’t get it and ran off without opening them. You are so totally not off base. Make the day special for him by making him his fav food or take him out for an ice cream cone. Just celebrate him in whatever way makes it a fun day! šŸ™‚

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