Tacky Tuesday – She’s Doing WHAT?!?!?

In an effort to make blogging easier, I’m going with theme days. Wednesday is easy. Tuesdays will be tacky. Suggestions for the other days?


So, I have a guy friend named Michael. He’s a super nice guy, but he’s also a smidge gullible.

Michael met Amanda. Michael dated Amanda. Michael fell in love with Amanda.

Amanda got pregnant. Amanda demanded a quick wedding. Michael (of course) agreed.

Baby #1 came. Then baby #2. Michael was blissfully happy. Amanda? Not so much.

Amanda stared going out. Since her mood improved, Michael was happy about this new behavior.

Then Amanda asked for a divorce – she was in love with someone new.

At this point, Michael found his cajones and saw the light. He happily gave her a divorce.

**Fast-forward 2 years**

Amanda’s man still doesn’t have full-time work. She ‘s doing a few questionable things to make ends meet.

Michael is a happy single man. He has custody 50% of the time.

Micheal pulls up to his ex’s house to pick up his kids. They’re really excited, so he of course asked them what was going on. And that’s when they said it – Mom is having another baby.

Michael is initially uber happy – if she marries the guy, his support payments drastically drop. So he gives Amanda a buzz to get the deets on her life. And that’s when she said it – she’s NOT getting married. She and the boyfriend broke up. He’s gone.

So Michael calls me to bounce a few thoughts around. And then I said it – do you realize her new baby will have your last name?

You see, Amanda kept Michael’s last name after the divorce so that she and her kids would have the same name. This is perfectly fine. But now that she’s having another baby, and the dad is gone, she’s going to give the new baby her ex-husband’s last name.

I think that’s creepy. Michael is not pleased, and we won’t talk about how Michael’s new girlfriend reacted to this realization.

So, am I wrong? This is tacky, right?



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  1. I once wrote something on my Facebook wall that got a lot of people riled up. I have a great friend who is divorced some a bitch ass skank. Bitch ass skank has kept his last name. Bitch ass skank friended me on facebook. My post was “I don’t get it people. You CHEAT on the man, give birth to a baby that isn’t his, grant him a divorce but keep his name?! You didn’t want him why do you want his name!”.

    I got all kinda of replies like “To have the same last name as my child…” “It’s too costly to change it back” yadda yadda. Guess what? I”m MARRIED to my child’s father and we STILL have different last names. In Quebec you do NOT legally change your last name. I’m socially known as “Mrs. Hubbyslastname” but legally I’m “Mrs. Georgio-who”. It doesn’t make a difference to me and it shouldn’t to you either.

    I believe that when a couple divorces, along with their personal belongings, they should take back their freaking names!

    Yes, its tacky!!

  2. I kept my ex-husband’s last name when I got divorced bc I knew I didn’t want to get married again for a really, really long time. Lol Plus its always easier to have the same last name as your kids, even in this day and age it will always throw people off and it gets annoying. However, if this were me I’d either give the child my maiden name or put the actual baby’s father’s last name on the birth certificate. I think the only thing you can’t do is list him as the father if he’s not there to approve it (but I could be wrong). It’s not right to give the baby her ex’s last name, and I would never do it.

  3. I too understand keeping your name the same if it’s for the sake of the kids. HOWEVER, that being said, the new child either needs its father’s last name, even if he is out of the picture, which he should be, or to take the mother’s maiden name.

    The mother of those kids should be ashamed of herself, but I am sure she isn’t. I’m sorry, but if you can’t keep a man long enough to have the kid before he splits, you probably didn’t know him well enough to get pregnant by him in the first place. Now, her kids with the ex-husband are the ones getting screwed. He pays to support them. The baby’s father pays nothing. Where is the money going to come from to support the baby? From the kids she already has.

    What a stinking mess!

    How about people try this for once: Get married, have kids, stay married until one spouse dies. Don’t cheat, don’t divorce. Lot’s of problems could be solved this way.

  4. It’s tacky. Of course, that’s easy for me to say. I never changed my name when I married. My son has my husband’s last name, as will any further kids. And at least here – in the US, in Oregon – it causes no confusion at all that I have one last name and my son has another last name.

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