Another Flippin’ Milestone

A few months ago, many of the Twitter moms with kids around Nate’s age were tweeting about their potty successes.

I thought “oh crap, I’m behind again. I haven’t even started thinking about the flippin’ potty.”

So I went out and looked at them. And yes I had a little sticker shock. I also had a sense that Nate wasn’t ready for it, so spending $30 on a potty seemed silly. So I bought the cheap, plastic, ‘starter potty.’


(Our is red and has Elmo on it. If you know how I feel about Elmo, you’re giggling right now.)

Of course I was right, Nate had no interest in the potty. At all.

Until a few weeks ago. All of a sudden, each time I changed his diaper, he would roll over, get up, and walk to his potty. That’s right, my child decided to potty train himself.

So this has been our routine for a few weeks. He sits on the potty for a few minutes. He then gets up to roam around the house. I say ‘diaper or potty,’ which usually results in his returning to the potty. And when he thinks he’s ready, he picks up the diaper for me to put on him.

And then today happened. I hard the distinctive sound of liquid dripping on plastic.

I squealed. I jumped. I danced.

He looked at me like I was all sorts of crazy.

I know, this is just the start of the process. There’ll be ups and downs. But who cares. Today, my little boy peed in the potty. (Standing up too!)


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