I Went Shopping….for ME!!!

That’s right folks…I went shopping for ME!

Since it’s National Natasha Month, I decided to start celebrating with a little retail therapy, so Saturday I headed over to DSW. In case you’re wondering, I just HAD to go since my foot grew the 1/2 size from pregnancy 😦

Here’s what I got:

This shoe is from the Miss America collection. LOL.

I also got this one:

I only planned on getting 1 pair, but when I saw this pair, I couldn’t leave them in the store. They’re located here.


Are these shoes practical? Heck no.

But I needed to feel like me, so I splurged. 🙂


Did y’all do anything for yourselves this weekend?



Add yours →

  1. I just died. Twice. Mainly over the fact that the 2nd shoe ISN’T in my closet.


    BUT – On a positive note, you have FABULOUS TASTE and I would be MORE than willing to borrow any of your shoes in your collection.

    • Thanks! What’s funny is there was a woman in the store who I kept bumping into…we had the same taste in shoes, so finally we compared notes and pointed out shoes to each other. Thank goodness our feet are different sizes 🙂

  2. Totally digging both pairs of shoes. Very cute!

  3. I’m loving the second pair oh so much. I love them. Sadly, I’d break my face walking in those.

  4. I AM SO JEALOUS! I love them both, but the pink ones would earn themselves a special place in my closet. I’m also pretty jealous that you have the ability to wear those shoes. Chasing M around does not allow me to wear heels anymore… and that makes me sad 😦 😦 Maybe I should still go buy them and just prance around the house after he goes to bed??

    • I’m not sure when I’ll wear them either, but I just had to have them. Since having Nate I’ve worn heels in public twice and he turns 18mo on the 18th. To be fair, I’ve only been out (socially) 3 times and the 2 times I wore heels were before he was mobile.

  5. I love them both!! DSW is an awesome place to buy shoes!!

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