17 Months???

Where the heck has the time gone? I know I say this every month, but I mean it!

Yes, we’re **still** breastfeeding. And while breastfeeding an active toddler is a challenge, I’m going to keep going until blood is shed.

Yes, we’re still flirting like it’s going out of style.

Nate now gives awesome hugs AND kisses. It melts my heart when he runs to me with outstretched arms and then squeezes my neck.

Babycenter says most 17mo toddlers can:

  • Uses six words regularly ->  we’re good here
  • Enjoys pretend games -> we’re good here too
  • Likes riding toys -> does it count if the ‘toy’ in question is Mom? He loves pretending I’m a horse for him to ride!

Emerging skills:

  • Feeds doll -> does it count if the ‘doll’ is Mom? He loves feeding me!
  • Speaks more clearly -> yeah, we’re NOT good here. If you’ve spent any time with me and my child, you’ve heard me say “speak English” at least a dozen times.
  • Throws a ball underhand -> I’m not sure about this one. He throws things all the time, but I don’t pay attention to whether it’s over or underhand.

Advanced skills:

  • Dances to music -> we’re great here. Nate even knows where the downbeat is!!!
  • Sorts toys by color, shape, or size -> He’s starting to do this.
  • Kicks ball forward -> we’re great here too.

Thanks to Veronica for this milestone post idea.

Did I forget anything??? Oh yeah, today’s picture!

Ok, did I forget anything else?



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  1. Ha! Thank you so much for this post! My son is 17 1/2 months and I still breastfeed also! I get sooo much lip from everyone about how he is too old to be breastfed, but I just am not trying to hear it! He still enjoys it, and so do I! I enjoy our bonding time. I’m not sure when I plan to stop, but I’m sure enjoying it for now!

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