Nate’s First Playdate with AJ

So we had an impromptu playdate today…with a 26mo. I only had both boys for a few hours, but wow! Here’s what I learned:

  • I have a new respect for moms of twins or babies close in age. Those 2 toddlers wore me out. (I love my toddler.)
  • My kid is a thug. A bully. He spent the first 30 mins or so pushing AJ around. Even once he stopped the outright bullying, he was rougher than I’d like.
  • I’m going to calm down about the whole baby development crap. Nate was just as physically advanced as AJ. And truly I’m not bragging, but Nate also seems more creative and better at figuring things out himself.
  • I also now understand how and why younger siblings tend to do things earlier. In just a few hours, Nate started copying all sorts of things AJ was doing. R’uh r’oh.

So here are a few of the pics I snapped.

I need a nap!!!


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