He Really Is My Son

So when I was pregnant, I was terrified Nate would be a mini-me of his father. Since we’re not together, I knew looking at a miniature version of Chris would break my heart. Well…as y’all can see, those fears were wasted. The kid looks like me, with the exception of his chin. Woot!

But now I’m also noticing he’s just like me in so many other ways:

  • My first word (other than “mama” and similar words) was “hello.” And I said the word while holding the phone.
  • Nate loves to walk around holding my celly while saying “hi” (repeatedly).
  • I hate socks and shoes.
  • Nate refuses to wear them too. It’s a battle to get them on.
  • One of my favorite toddler foods was cabbage. My mom said she used to put a bowl of it in front of me, and it would be empty within minutes.
  • Tonight I gave Nate his first taste cabbage and it was a HUGE HIT!

What about you guys? Are your babies like you or your other half? Or are they ‘the perfect mix’ of the two of you?


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