What Got My Goat This Week?

So my friend Veronica (aka CrunchyVTMommy on Twitter) has been doing this post for a few Fridays now.  So I finally jotted down enough notes throughout the week so that I had enough to vent about.  Her blog is broken right now, so you can’t check out her post. But I think Amy has a “Goat Post” up.

People who name their children without thinking about initials and nicknames.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban named their daughter Faith. So her initials are F.U. Come on people!?! Yes, she’s going to be rich and privileged her entire life, but why saddle a child with those initials? You’re asking for her to become the butt of jokes.

My Vanishing Tampon

I’ve been a loyal OB tampon user for 15 years. They’re my best friend.  I’ve never had leakage problems and they don’t hurt.  I bought a huge box last Fall. When I had run out last month, I noticed the shelf was getting empty, but I didn’t think anything of it. Tuesday the lovely Amy pointed out that she couldn’t find the beloved Ultra strength anywhere. This shocking news led me to a Google search where I found numerous articles about the discontinuation of the Ultras and a mysterious manufacturing delay that will leave the shelves empty until Spring 2011.

This is a MAJOR fail by Johnson & Johnson. You can’t mess with a woman’s tampons.

So, what got your goat this week?


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