16 Month Update

Can we just acknowledge that this getting older thing sucks the big one? I HATE this! I want to freeze my little guy.

Not much has changed in the past month.

Nate continues to be ahead of the curve when it comes to physical traits.  He runs all over the house. He climbs up and down the stairs like he’s been doing it his entire life. He climbs into chairs to get to the table. He picked up my purse!

He’s babbling baby gibberish a ton…just wish I could understand it.

I think he’s learned “spoon” and “nose” this month. I taught him “spoon” because he’s obsessed with them. He walks around the house with a spoon in his hand.

He’s extremely helpful. If I tell him to bring me something, he usually does.

Oh, we’ve discovered Dora. He dances to her songs. He enjoys the show. Ruh roh… Below, that’s Nate, being still, watching his girl Dora.

I’m trying to instill manners NOW. So anytime he hands me something, I always say “thank you.”


See y’all next month!




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  1. This is the time when having boys are fun, lol. When he discovers running.

  2. Oh yeah, we’re STILL breastfeeding. I continue to ignore people who ask when the weaning will begin. We’ve added cheese to the menu.

  3. I hear you, they grow up way too fast!! And good for you for still nursing, that’s awesome!

  4. He’s so cute! And congrats on still breastfeeding that is amazing!

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