Dating Sucks!

So, I’ve been trying a new dating site for the past few months – Plenty of fish dot com. I had miserable luck with Match, so I refuse to pay for a dating site, which is why I’m giving POF a try.

I’ve ‘met’ lots of men, and even gone on a few dates from the site.

Saturday, in an effort to improve my dating karma, I sent a few emails to men who had either viewed my profile or said ‘they’d like to meet me.’

And what do you know…yesterday I received a reply from one of those emails.

Pete and I exchanged a few emails. He said I was pretty (compliments are always appreciated). Then in his second email he asked if I had plans for the night (mind you, this was at 6pm on a Sunday night!). He also asked if I used a messenger service like Yahoo or Aim. I didn’t mind the second question because the constant back and forth of emails can get old quickly.

I gave him my yahoo im and asked what he had in mind in terms of plans because I had none.

We then switched to Im-ing. In his first message, he called me by the wrong name (“Ann). When I pointed out that little detail, he blamed it on the messaging program. He then asked for my TELEPHONE NUMBER. He said he’d prefer to make plans over the phone. I then pointed out that on a Sunday night there wasn’t much we could do. He agreed, but continued to press for my #.

Instead of giving him my celly, I gave him my Google voice phone number…I thought that was a tad safer.

Once we were on the phone, he suggested I drive 30mins into VA to go to HIS HOME. He said if I drove to him, he’d provide the liquor. We could hang at his house, drink, and get to know each other.

Are you kidding me???? Um, I don’t think so!

When I said I didn’t feel comfortable with that idea, he seemed stunned. He kept pressing. I finally had to say “No, I told you I don’t like that idea.”

His next idea was to do to a casino. I asked where a casino was (since I’m new to this area, I was surprised to learn of a casino). He said about 80mi from his house, just across the W. VA border. So, I was supposed to drive to his house so that he could drive us there.

Ummm, what? We’ve been in contact for less than 2 hours, and I’m supposed to get in a car with you and drive to a different friggin’ state?!?!?!? I do believe that’s how those unsolved mystery shows start…

So, I gave him the brush off.

Where are the real men? Is this all I have to look forward to???



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  1. OH MY GOOOOSSHHHH!!!! This is awful. Like, are you kidding me?!?! UGH! I don’t understand… where are all the tall, dark, handsome, intelligent, well-mannered men? Like really… this was such an awful experience for you. You guys didn’t even know each other and he clearly was/is looking for some random hook-up. Good for you for standing your ground and running. Run, girl. Run, fast. Things like this is one of my biggest concern with re-entering the dating scene, especially now that i have a child. Like, I don’t have time nor energy for the crap. Le sigh.

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