Day 1: 10 Things About Me

Ok, here we go.

1. I used to have a pet snake

2. I’m an only child.

3. I’ve never been in love.

4. I have a recurring nightmare about the Stephen King clown It.

5. I have 2 tattoos.

6. I used to have 2 piercings.

7. I hate (really, I detest) “The Sound of Music”

8. I scheduled my college classes around General Hospital and Designing Women.

9. I voted for a Republican once.

10. I’m terrified I won’t get married.




Add yours →

  1. Guess what? I’ve NEVER seen Sound of Music. NEVER. Not even once.

    #8 made me laugh because I did the same thing in college….then DVRs became all the rage and I would probably die if something happened to my DVR.

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