Communication is Important

Some days I hate opening my email because I know the parenting emails are waiting. You know, the “Your Child is Xmo and Should Be Doing X,Y, and Z” email. These emails are a wonderful resource, but they also freak me out. Is Nate on track? Do I need to worry? Uggg!

Physically, I know he’s ahead of the curve. He walked early. Now he’s unstoppable. His coordination skills are too good (in my opinion).

But yesterday’s email was about communication. Apparently, some early talkers have 20 words at 14mo?!?!?!?!?! We have 5 words. Is this normal? Part of the reason I’m uber aware of this is Nate uses screams as his main source of communication. If he’s ready for another bite of food, he screams. If he can’t get your attention, he screams. And then sometimes he just screams. If you’ve been on the phone with me in the past month, you’ve had the pleasure of hearing this phenomenon.

I know he understands me. I just said “Can I have a kiss?” and he turned his face to me and puckered up. (And melted my heart even more.) I’d say he understands a half a dozen questions.

But when will he talk more???



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  1. I wouldn’t be too worried about it. I know you probably hear this (and might even say it) often “All babies are different.” If you are concerned because you notice he is delayed on many developmental milestones then contact your doctor. If its just his speaking that is “delayed” don’t worry about it too much. He’s just developing differently.

    D was born around the same time as two other babies. (All babies are two weeks apart. D, A, then T.)

    D is sooooooo quick for everything. She got teeth first, sat up first, rolled over first, started “creeping” first. She chews when you give her chunkier solids, she won’t accept another bite of food if she already has food in her mouth. She’s basically “advanced” to anyone that sees what she does for her age.

    A & T are basically together. A sat up before T but once T started to sit up he’d roll over too. A still doesn’t roll over when put on her tummy. No one thinks anything is wrong with their kids, they just develop differently and at different rates.

    I kinda think A has “problems” but the parents don’t want to take her to the doctor.

    I’m sure Butterball is right on time.

    • In my head I know he’s fine…I need to shut off my eyes and ears to the thoughts of other people. I guess my other problem is that education was such an important value to both my parents as it is to me as well. I can already tell he’s inherited my father’s athletic ability; now I need assurance he’s gotten my side’s brains too 🙂 (I hope that didn’t sound snobby)

  2. My sister didn’t even have 5 words till she was 2yo. She’s the smartest and most literate one of us siblings.

  3. It varies so much from child to child. He is moving forward, which is what matters. My child has only just (at 27 months) started uttering three word phrases (apart from ‘I love you’ and ‘I see you’ which she used months ago). I’ve never been worried about her speech because her dad and I are both very verbal. Now she is non stop gabbing, half of which is not recognizable. The impulse to develop their skills is strong.

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