I’m Not a New Mom Anymore

Nate will be 14mo on the 18th, so I suppose I should retire the “new mom” title. With that in mind, I went shopping this weekend for some “Natasha” clothes, you know, clothes that don’t scream “new mom” and aren’t frumpy, over-sized, or completely out of fashion.

I bought this sweater.

I had a few success in terms of clothes – I got a few sweaters and a new pair of jeans. But shoes. UGGGGGGG!!!! Since I have no winter shoes that haven’t been stretched out by pregnant feet, I thought I’d pick up a pair of ‘everyday’ shoes.

What happened to shoes??? I know I haven’t been in the market in a while, but holy heck! Are you kidding me? Are the only options uber flat ballet slippers or 6″ stilettos? Is there no happy medium? I’m short, I need a heel! But I’m not crazy Camille on the RHOBC, I don’t have a ton of nannies…I have to keep up with Toddler Nate. And in case you’re wondering, Toddler Nate + High Heels = DISASTER. Epic disaster.

So I bought these shoes.

Do you ladies have any go-to places for cute, mom-friendly clothes and shoes?



Add yours →

  1. Love the sweater!! Hell as long as a baby was still clinging to me I was still a new mom. I’m sure you wouldn’t like my taste in shoes, I still love to pay less.

  2. This is so funny because I feel the same way. My ankles will not hold up all this extra weight that I have put on carrying Lj on a six inch skinny heal. My ankles say Aww hell to the no. You know you are too heavy you better get some “mom shoes”. I want to look cute but it hasn’t happened. I have tried and have been denied. If you find something better let me know! Then again with breastfeeding still finding a cute outfit is out of the question. Lj will bite through the fabric trying to get to the boob. So once again I say cute is out of the question.

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