I Have to Feed Him Food?

Ok, so the first year of Nate’s life was sooo easy. If he was upset, I plopped a boob in his mouth. Now when he gets fussy I have to decipher his baby talk to read his mind. Is it teething? Is it a poopy diaper? Hunger? Thirst? Just plain pissy-ness?

I’m realizing more often than not it’s hunger. Lately he’s even been stealing food off my plate! The boob just isn’t doing it for my 13mo the way it did just a few short months ago.

Accordingly, I’ve started reading up on toddler diets. There’s just sooooooo much information out there. I’m worried Nate isn’t getting enough protein. And what about milk? He’s yet to have cows milk.




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  1. Don’t take this the wrong way because I honestly don’t know…. Shouldn’t he be eating food other than breast milk at 1 year old? I know that pedictricans say you should start solids around 6 months but you still continue formula. I thought that breastfeeding went the same way. That you would breast feed but introduce solids as well (cereals, fruits, veggies).

    D has a huge appetite so I do not think that formula would be enough at her age. She is constantly eating. She eats cereal, milk, snack, “meal”, fruit, milk, snack, “meal”, fruit/snack, and milk.

    • Well there’s the saying “under 1 food is just for fun.” Babies are supposed to get the majority of their nutrition from milk until 1. Yes, you can start solids at 6mo, but as in our case, that’s just a guideline. Nate had not interest in food at 6mo. I tried almost every brand and flavor. And he HATED the cereals.

      Now he’s a great eater šŸ™‚

  2. My son was born 10 wreeks early and he is still breastfed as well as learning how to eat baby food. Lately he wants to eat what I am eating. If I don’t give it to him he screams like someone has tried to slap the tatse buds out of his mouth. My son has very severe GERD and he throws up so he only takes in 4.5 oz of breastmilk plus maybe 32tbs of baby food twice a day. I am totally lost on what to feedhim so weare in the same boat sort of

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