Why is my baby growing up?

Nate –

I can’t believe how time is flying by!  You’re not the little lump of love you once were.  You’re developing physically (wow you’re strong!) and emotionally (into a darned cute, even keeled kid).  In the past month, you’ve rolled over (NYE) and begun playing with you feet! You also started sticking your tongue out, and while everyone else thinks it’s cute, I’d appreciate it if that little quirk disappeared.   All in all that’s some serious progress buddy 🙂

I’m soooo incredibly proud to be your mama, and can’t wait to see what this next month brings!  Always know that my heart beats for you ❤


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  1. He’s such a cutie! That face is to die for and what a sweet post. You brought tears to my eyes. My youngest is 9 months old. She’ll be our last baby. With every milestone she reaches, this roller coaster ride of emotions that I’m on becomes even worse. I’m so excited about her little accomplishments and the ways in which she’s growing, but at the same time each of these firsts are also lasts. No more babies. No more firsts. Wow, I really didn’t mean for this to sound depressing. lol Nevertheless, I love this post and love the photo of your little guy. He’s a handsome little guy. 🙂

    Kristi, live and love…outloud

    P.S. Love following you on Twitter!

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