My Hopes

As I navigate these murky parenting waters, I do know that there’s one thing my mom did I’m determined to do.  I want to be the “cool mom.”  All my friends loved my mom.  Yes, it was annoying at times, but even as a teenager I recognized her cool status was an asset to me.  However, I want to take it one step further – I want to me a MILF and a MILTB (y’all know MILF and the other one ends in “to be”).  The problem is that by most Black men’s standards I’ve got a perfectly lovely figure.  In fact, Nate’s father has repeatedly told me not to lose weight (NOT that his opinion matters much these days).   But I’m too round by society’s standards.  I’ll never, ever be a size 2.  I wouldn’t want to be.  But I would like to drop 40 – 50 lbs.  I CAN do it!

So, in order to accomplish this goal, I’ve got to DO something.  Several of the moms I follow on twitter have started a mom support group with the hashtag #mamafit.  That was a good start.  But that’s not enough; I’ve got to do more.  With that in mind, I’ve gone back to the Y.  I’m teaching deep water aerobics M and W mornings.  On T and Th mornings, I’m going to have to be motivated enough to get my fluffy self to a fitness class.  I’m soooo not the type to get on a treadmill for an hour – I need a class.

Hopefully, watching the skinny b*tches on the Bachelor every Monday will remind me to blog about my progress.

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  1. And if you forget Monday, Tuesday’s Biggest Loser will remind you! 🙂

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