Who I am

As I’ve slowly dipped my toe in the mommy blogosphere (is that a word?), I’ve come to realize it’s helpful to know who you are as a parent.  So I’ve spent the past few days thinking about that, and this is what I’ve come up with:

I’m a breastfeeder.  I breast feed because my mom breastfed me.  I breastfeed because it makes sense.  I breastfeed because it’s cheap and easy.  I didn’t know how long I’d make it.  I fully intended on the first 3 months.  Now that Nate is 4 months, I’m fairly certain I’ll make it to the 6 month mark.  Will I make it to a year?  I’m hopeful.  We’ll see what happens once his teeth start popping through.

I use disposable diapers.  I fully intended on using cloth diapers.  My mom used them, so I would.  It didn’t matter to me that my friends looked at me like I was a mad woman when this topic came up.  I was going to do it.  Then I realized my son’s father was going to continue being a coward; he wasn’t going to be involved.  CRAP!  So at this point I started thinking about how to simplify my life.  This was the first way.  However, I do plan on switching to cloth diapers.  I hope.  The goal was to switch once I’m used to this mommy gig.  We’ll see when that happens 🙂

I had my son circumcised.  At first this was a no-brainer.  Then I saw some of the blogs against it, so I decided to do some research.  I then made the informed decision to have him circumcised.  First, his dad is.  Second, I don’t want to be on penis patrol forever.  It’s one this to clean the thing when he’s in diapers.  I don’t want to have to chase my 4 year old and then my 10 year old to make sure he cleaned his penis.  NOT. GOING. TO. HAPPEN.  Lastly, it’s still the norm.  No, I don’t make all my decisions because everyone else is doing something.  But I may factor what the norm is.  What if that episode of Sex and the City happens to my son?  Having the procedure done as an adult is PAINFUL.  While it’s painful as a newborn, at least he won’t remember the pain.

I’m not opposed to spanking.  My mom believed in it.  Are you sensing a theme here?  When done correctly, spanking works because you never have to spank; it’s that threat that keeps a kid in line. It’s not for everyday misbehavior.  Of course, you have to be prepared to follow through once or twice.  My mom never had to spank me, mostly because I knew she would.  I decided behaving and following the rules was easier.

I believe kids should respect their parents.  My mom was my best friend.  We talked about everything (except sex).  Yett I never forgot she was the parent who was due a ginormous amount of respect.  As a child I never talked back.  I get annoyed when I see kids “sass” their parents.  Sure, it’s cute (sometimes) when a little one says the darndest thing, but not everyday.  Kids should do as they’re told.

I don’t eat organic.  Since Nate will be ready for food sooner than I’d like, I suppose I should decide what I’m going to feed him.  I’m still on the fence on this issue.  I know it’s going to be a normal diet.  I think we’ve created a lot of the food allergies/sensitivities.

So this is me.  I’m mostly an attachment parent.  I’m very opinionated (don’t get me started on the whole sign language thing).  All I want is a normal, healthy, happy son.  Is that too much to ask?



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  1. Wow mama, you look fantastic here on your new space! Love it (and thanks so much for showing some Theta Mom love)! We have much in common and you certainly aren’t afraid to say what’s on your mind.

    Looking forward to blogging with you! 🙂

  2. *waves* Hi there. 🙂 Re cloth diapers…I had a hard time getting DH to buy in. I bought BumGenius anyway, and some prefolds. The prefolds he complains about constantly. The BGs? Total buy-in. Daycare will use them too. Because except for the laundry part, they are basically identical to disposables. (Wash. Stuff inserts in. Put in ready-to-use drawer/bag/whatever. Changing time – grab baby, remove diaper, wipe baby, put new diaper on. Take previous diaper and stuff it in wet-bag instead of trash. For laundry time, unload wet bag(s), take inserts out, wash…repeat. If baby has a rash or you’ll use cream, some kind of liner is needed. I get disposable liners and put them in every diaper – cleaning poo is easier and then you don’t have to think about grabbing one if diaper rash cream is needed.)

    Just a thought…they are EXPENSIVE though. We got six as a gift from our registry and tried them first, after a couple goes we agreed they were usable. I wouldn’t buy a full stash without experimenting first (and if you can settle on prefolds and covers, some of those are cheaper).

    • Thanks for the insight Laura. The local LLL group is bringing in a woman to do a cloth diaper workshop this month, so I think I’ll go to get even more advice. One of my friends from prenatal water aerobics wants to switch, so I’ll forward your thoughts to her (I’m fairly certain she’s trying to choose between BG and prefolds).

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